Top 3 Apps to bring out inner Architect in you

Since you recently an iphone so i thought so you should give a try these three apps in your free time over weekend 🙂 Hope you like them

#1 AutoCad WS


Since you have been using AutoCAD and 3DS Max so was wondering this app might help you view your files in app 🙂 It helps you annotate and revise drawings on the go – and lets you share them easily. Also latest version features 3D viewing and GPS integration and best of all its 100% FREE!

#2 Morpholio

This cool app is a project of five architects. This super cool App seeks to re-imagine the portfolio. As they put it, the App transforms “the users portfolio into a constantly versioning and customizable collection of images that is more reflective of the way we work today.” It also lets you collaborate with and critique the works of others, integrating you into an architectural community. Best of all, it’s FREE too 😀

#2 iRhino 3D

Model by Juan Santocono.

Remember in my past post i mentioned about top architects being using Rhino so here is a chance to get a look at it. iRhino 3D lets you view your 3D Models any way you want – with a tap or drag of the finger you can easily zoom in, pan out, and even rotate your models. Plus, you can load your Rhino models from web sites (Google Docs, DropBox, email attachments, etc.) and then save them later to markup or email. Only reason its #3 is because it comes at little price of $3.99





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