Architecture in Lithuania

Every week, on Monday i will feature a report on architecture practices in countries around the world for you including top architecture firms and tools used by the them. Also if any jobs in that area or country so hope you like the idea. Since you are from Lithuania so lets start from your country.

For centuries Lithuania was known as a land of endless lush forests, interrupted only by rivers. As such the traditional architecture in Lithuania is wooden. In most smaller towns almost every building that is construtced before 20th century is built of wood. Wooden churches (both Catholic and Orthodox) are common in villages. Some of the wooden buildings are very elaborate and with intricate details.

In the downtowns of the main cities, however, the brick started to displace the wood as early as in the 14th century. Romanesque architecture was the first international style to reach Lithuania but few examples of it survive. Some of the most famous architectural gems date togothic period (such as the Saint Anne’s church in Vilnius) and subsequent Rennaisance. This period was followed by the Baroque that is the best represented in the church architecture of Vilnius. Only a few cities have brick pre-19th century districts however: VilniusKaunas andKėdainiai are the best known examples.

The most ambitious project of this era is the New City Center of Vilnius around the new Europos Square and Konstitucijos Avenue. Šiaurės Miestelis (North City) in Vilnius, once a site of a large Soviet factory and military base, now is converted into a modern district of economic apartments and comercial establishments.

Klaipėda attracted a large scale Gandrališkės project with the tallest residential building in the Baltic States, while further inland the factories of Klaipėda Free Economic Zone marks the Lithuanian industrial revival fueled by foreign investments.

“Akropolis” in Vilnius (opened in year 2000), the first major western-style shopping mall in Lithuania and still the largest one in the Baltic States (over 100 000 sq. m in size after several expansions), became quite an icon on itself. Many attempted to copy its success and now every city has modern shopping malls.

Early independence era (1990 – 1996) is still visible in the large kitsch private homes that surround the main cities (for example, Kairėnai suburb of Vilnius), in the massive plain brick churches that sprung up after decades of religious persecution (e.g. incomplete Blessed Jurgis Matulaitis church in Vilnius (1991)) and in the Gariūnai marketplace (near Vilnius) where many Lithuanians started their businesses.

Later era (1997 and beyond) brought glass and steel high rises and post-modern forms. An example of post-modernism might be the „1000 litų“ building in Kaunas which has an entire facade covered by an image of an interwar 1000 Litas banknote. At the same time the residential idea of a „modern castle“ gave way to that of a newly constructed apartment or that of a smaller yet modern home in a gated community.

Top Architecture Firms: 

Featured Architecture firms from Lithuania at International level are:

1. Paleko Arch Studija

2. Studija Archispektras

3. Sigitas Kuncevičius Architecture Studio

4. Architectural Bureau G.Natkevicius & Partners

5. Audrius Ambrasas Architects


Jobs in Lithuania:

1. Internship at kryptis

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  • IT
  • Graphic design
  • Programming
  • Multimedia
  • Marketing
  • Project management
  • Other digital experience

Internship goals, tasks and detail requirements will be sent to you personally.

2. Talent required at Bentley

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