Top 5 Restaurants in Vilnius this Summer 2013

Since summer is round the corner and sun is shining high in the sky so how about planning to visit some restaurants and hotels when we visit Vilnius, Lithuania. Here is a list of top best designed hotels and restaurants in Vilnius, Lithuania based on ambiance, food, service and staff.

1. Marceliukės Klėtis

Why i choose this one? Because it got outside seating to enjoy sunshine, free wifi and live music not to mention hopefully good traditional lithuanian food rated best by many 😉 Fairytale waitresses deliver meals the size of your head from a menu of traditional Lithuanian dishes featuring more calories than there are stars in the universe. Located somewhat strangely in the middle of a large concrete housing estate, this barnlike restaurant is strewn with such archaic eye candy as wooden bicycles hung from the ceiling and a pink and green threshing machine by the front door. Large tables make this a firm favourite for families and groups. They don’t have a website may be we can design them one 😉

2. Sue’s Indian Raja

This one is also chosen for pretty much same reason as above. Hey! its not only about free wifi only :p also outside food, live music and diversity of culinary taste to choose from while in Lithuania. The best restaurant in Vilnius continues to impress with a fabulously pungent menu of dishes, all made from hand-picked and hand-mixed spices by a crack team of Indian chefs overseen by the uniquely charming Wing Commander Rajinder Chaudhary. The service remains excellent, the location is unbeatable and the bill at the end of it may be a little shocking for local prices but if you compare it to what you’d be expected to pay for an average Indian on any British high street then it simply doesn’t compare. Magic, and thoroughly recommended. (All praising is not by me 😉 )

3. Skybar

Its not only the name excites me but the location too. Rated best on TripAdvisor for being Romantic atmosphere and interior, we should give it a try. Perched on the top floor of this 22-storey high rise, Skybar features stunning panoramic views of both modern Vilnius and Old Town. The views are rivalled only by the stylish atmosphere of this chic bar, where guests enjoy superbly mixed drinks, beer and wine along with a menu of tasty snacks and appetisers. For special occasions or for an intimate dinner, Skybar offers a private dining area to accommodate as many as 50 guests seated at round tables.

4. Gan Bei City

To add a different taste to our cuisine lets not forget Gan Bei City.

In my opinion Gan Bei City restaurant is the best place for Asian Fusion cuisine in Vilnius. The restaurant very nicely presents a blend of Japanese, Chinese and Korean dishes.

The restaurant is located on the top floor of shopping mall „Panorama”, but the interior is very chique and modern and the food quality is so good that once you enter, you do not feel like eating at the shopping center restaurant.

Gan Bei City has a beautiful panoramic view of Vilnius, so if you have the chance, ask for a window table. Also it has an open sushi rolling place and an open kitchen, where you can see how your food is prepared.

The place is usually very busy on weekends and evenings. So it is highly recommended to make a reservation a couple of hours in advance.

5. Belmontas Restoranas

Belmont (in Lithuanian – Belmontas) Entertainment and Recreation Center is one of the most wonderful places in Vilnius.  The centre is unique because it was established inside the old mill. I am happy because the French (Belmont) mill complex was reconstructed and all authentic buildings and their parts was preserved.

The Belmont Entertainment and Recreation Center offers a lot of different activity. First of all, Belmont is famous because of the restaurant. All food is prepared by qualified cooks. The most delicious food for me is a food which is prepared on open fire. In summer, the restaurant guests can also listen to live music, relax or enjoy the nature. If you are looking for some activity, you should know that the Belmont centre organizes various concerts, festivals, games, feasts and theatrical performances.

Belmont is like an oasis in a forest. I love this place because of a chance to be in an extraordinary nature with amazing ponds, bridges, fountains, waterfalls and the river Vilnelė.

We can reach Belmont by car, but I always choose a bicycle, because the road to the Belmont Entertainment and Recreation Center is really astonishing.

Hope you like the list 🙂

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