Interior Design Color Apps

Today i stumbled upon this brilliant color apps which pics color and match to selection and another one let you visualize environment with color of your choice. Both great tools for interior designing.

Note: These apps are found for Apple(R) iPhone, iPad only.


1. Color Capture app

First on the list is the Color Capture app.  This cool app lets you take a photo of a color that you like and will color match it to one of Benjamin Moore’s paint selections.  This allows you to color match without having to visit the store with the item you are trying to match.

Color Apps | New York Interior Design

Benjamin Moore’s Color Capture App


2. Color Change

Next up is Color Change.  This app is great for those who have trouble visualizing space in a different color.  You take a photo of your space and change the wall color to whatever you wish.  This allows you to get a better picture of what the space will look like before you purchase the paint and commit to the new hue!!

Color Apps | New York Interior Design

Screenshots from the Color Change App


3. ColorSnap

This app allows you to take a photo and match the colors within that photo to paint colors available at Sherwin Williams.  This is a great tool that allows you to take photos of the things around you and inspire a whole color scheme for your home!

Color Apps | New York Interior Design

Sherwin Williams ColorSnap App

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