Interior Designer Jobs in Dubai

Based on our recent discussion about job opportunities in Gulf and particularly in Dubai, here is a source on working culture in Dubai, Salary Survey and list of sources to get jobs in Dubai. Hope you like it 🙂

Architectural concepts develop into reality very fast in Dubai, and maintaining quality control and a high level of design integrity can be difficult. Firms are also faced with the ongoing challenge of integrating modern design with traditional cultural elements and must find a balance between the two.

Salary Survey of Design Jobs in Dubai:

Private Sector 8,950 AED
Public Sector 13,000 AED
Age Average Salary
22 Years 5,000 AED
23 Years 7,733 AED
30 Years 13,000 AED
38 Years 13,000 AED
41 Years 12,500 AED
Experience Average Salary
0 Years 6,333 AED
2 Years 9,200 AED
10 Years 13,000 AED
11 Years 13,000 AED
19 Years 12,500 AED

Cultural Considerations:

1. Foreign men typically wear a tie, long-sleeve shirt, and pants for business. Western women wear western clothing, but are careful to cover their shoulders, arms, and legs. It’s considered impolite to cross one’s legs or to show the soles of one’s feet or shoes.

2. Any display of drunkenness in public, regardless of blood alcohol level, is grounds for arrest, as is public display of affection. Punishment can take the form of fines or incarceration.

3. In multinational companies, the offices tend to reflect the culture of the home office of the parent company, but the extent varies according to how involved the company’s Emirati sponsor is. Any company that isn’t local needs such a sponsor in order to set up shop in Dubai, and a hands-on sponsor can have an influence on the look and feel of the office space.

4.The high value the culture puts on relationships is evident in the way people integrate work and socializing, as well. The work day begins around 8:00 a.m. and may go until 6:00 p.m. and includes morning and afternoon tea breaks, long lunches followed by a rest, and several breaks for prayer in the afternoon.

5. Primary design considerations are the cost of real estate and the construction budget, rather than job function or technology support, which tend to be an afterthought except in global companies. Furthermore, local companies and the private sector don’t think in terms of ergonomic needs. Owners aren’t very motivated to invest in an employee they know will be moving on soon.

6. There’s no such thing as worker’s compensation in Dubai, so there’s no incentive for an employer to try to make sure the employee doesn’t develop back pain or a repetitive stress injury. The predominant employer attitude is “payment for services.” If the worker isn’t delivering, then the company doesn’t feel any obligation to keep him or her on the payroll. The Dubai offices of multinational companies, which also generally follow local labor laws and regulations, may see things the same way.

If possible don’t forget to get membership of APID (Association of Professional Interior Design)

Job Opportunities:

Here is a list of job websites to look for positions related to interior design and architecture in following areas:

Retail Interior Designers, Hotel Interior Designers, Office Interior Designers, High End Residential Interior Designers, Exhibition Designers, Conceptual Interior Designers, Interior Design Managers, Interior Design Directors, Interior Fit-out Project Managers, Interior Architects, Interior CAD Technicians, Interior 3D Visualisers, FF&E Designers, Branded Environment Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, Business Development Managers, Lighting Designers,5_IC2204498_KO6,22.htm

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