Car Interior That Feels Like Human Skin

While sitting inside a car, i thought about interior design of cars and then thought about you. Its been many days i did not wrote anything so here is come with an interesting development in the world of interior design.

Recently, Nissan showed interest in creating a synthetic material that would replicate the touch and feel of a human finger. Engineers at Nissan have discovered that using high-end leather and soft-touch plastics in car can create a more luxurious feeling. However, what gives us the most comfortable sensation is the touch of another human.

The researchers examined four key factors of the synthetic material to match the feeling of a finger, such as the flexibility, temperature, smoothness, and moistness. The fake human skin will be used to decorate the car’s upholstery for a “high-touch feel interior.”

So What do you think, What Materials Should Be Used In The Cars Of The Future?



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