Go Green in your diet

Recently I realized that people in the business of interior design, design and architecture take a lot of pressure on themselves. Since we all know that healthy body carries healthy mind so why not go ahead and suggest some healthy green recipes to keep up your brain cells active to keep the creative juice flowing in you.

Recently someone special recommended me an excellent resource for green living by Victoria Boutenko. The best thing about her is that she gives amazing help in support to her her book which not many book writers on alternative healthy lifestyle fail to provide. She gives an extra support to her readers by providing an app for green living. You can download her app on iPhone as well as Android phones by clicking on these links:

In The iPhone App Store
Available in Android Market

Also, if you need any help making the smoothies then don’t forget to see some of their videos on Youtube.

Thumbnail Watch LaterHow To Make A Green Smoothie Tasty Every Time

Thumbnail Watch Later15 Green Smoothies in 3 Mins

ThumbnailWatch LaterThe 7 Best Green Smoothies TRAILER


Last but not the least, Don’t forget to read more about her research work and books on her website:




Live a healthy happy life 🙂

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