Bring BIG Difference with Small Changes – Part 2

Continuing from my last post, Today i was wondering what additional small items in home can make a big difference in the outlook of your home, room or dorm. If i missed some then you can name too 😀 I will add them too in next post. So here i start again:

Desk Lamp

A striking anglepoise lamp is pratical but if you can put a decorative one too for different look to your room

Dar Lighting Eternity Table Lamp


On a boring day or on special day when you feel arty, creative or high on energy, why not ttry to wake up a quiet corner by painting a piece of furniture with an eye catching pastel or neon shade, or go for a metallic finish 😉 You might love the end product in the end and people praise the artist in you.

Table Cloth

Table cloth add beauty to your table or sometime can be used to make ordinary table look extra-ordinary 😉 If you can’t find the right ready made cloth then try hem a length of colourful fabric to make your table look amazing.

Floor lamp

Adding a bold and beautiful floor lamp by your sofa or somewhere around in room will help establish a theme and is useful too. Do give a try 😉


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