Bring BIG Difference with Small Changes – Part 3

Continuing to my last post on this topic, Today i was wondering what additional small items in home can make a big difference in the outlook of your home. If i missed some then you can name too 😀 I will add them too in next post. So here i start again:

Arm Chair

You can get new or vintage depending on your taste where you feel comfortable since its one of best place for not only to rest but also to think. An accent chair can be an eye catching addition anywhere. Pick up bold shade used elsewhere in the room to help you choose a fabric that stands out.


Large, statement pieces of furniture such as bed can be pricey and make your bank balance feel lighter 😉 but they set the tone and style for your whole room. Opt for a new headboard if you’re on a budget.


A bright throw offers an instant lift, and give you the opportunity to introduce texture too. Many people don’t think about it so give a try 🙂 If you don’t know where to get them then for a starter try M&S or BHS.


A quick and easy change that will brighten up your bathroom as well as make you smile for your wonderful choice after nice warm bath or shower 😉

Dining Chairs

Upholster chairs in  a range of colours for an eclectic look and make your dining experience pleasurable.


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