The Way You Dress Can Affect Your Actions

The way you dress yourself can have a great effect on the way you act. A little effort put into your clothing can make you think a certain way and have a positive or negative impact on your actions and performance.

David McRaney, author of You Are Now Less Dumb, points to a study that demonstrates how we act differently based on what we wear—or even what we think we’re wearing. In the study, participants dressed in everyday clothing but half of them wore lab coats. The people in lab coats made far fewer mistakes than those without. In another experiment, both halves were given lab coats but one half were told they were actually paint smocks. Again, the people with lab coats outperformed those in the “paint smocks.” The findings pointed to a simple conclusion: when we dress smart we think we are smart. If we don’t, we become more error-prone.

While certainly not the only factor that determines how we think about ourselves and approach our work, don’t think your clothing has no impact on your performance. It probably does. Check out the video.


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2 thoughts on “The Way You Dress Can Affect Your Actions

  1. Reworking my style right now. This video affirms my thoughts. Thx.

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