Updates from Paris Fashion Week

Hey, have you heard about Paris Fashion Week which happened a while ago? If you did then come along for a review of new fashion trends and comment about your view but if you missed it then here is an overview for you 🙂

Dazzling Louis Vuitton show by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs has completely transformed the French fashion brand! He went out with a bang of lots of black and a sparkly feather headdress for each model which look absolutely amazing. May be we can learn from it and think about adding glam touches to a space 😉

from Vancouver Sun

Hermes Perfect Parisian chic 

How can I forget Hermes which is one of your favourites and You cannot argue with the chic reputation of Hermes! 😉 Their RTW presentation certainly stunning. I love the masculine texture of this skirt and if you like the design then you can add something related furniture piece to you living room too 😀


from WWD

Go to this link to get an inspiration from Robin Baron.



Miu Miu Wild retro prints 

There were so many saturated retro colors and prints walking down the runway but i found it to be the best one for being so different and catchy at same time. Hope you like it too 🙂


from WWD

Asymmetrical style by Balmain

I’ve seen so many hemlines lately with large slits, but this one from Balmain’s presentation makes things so much more interesting! They honored the laws of symmetry and made everything even.


from WWD

Amazing Luxe embellishments by Valentino

Last buy not the least here comes the Amazing Luxe embellishments by Valentino. You cannot ignore them at all. I know one of your favorite parts of wardrobe is your jewelry collection. This opera-inspired collection from Valentino is full of embellishments that remind me of jewelry. Fashion is about beauty and expression! We should think about interior design in the same way Don’t we? 🙂


from WWD

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3 thoughts on “Updates from Paris Fashion Week

  1. Very interesting. Marc Jacobs is so talented………

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