Interior Design for Small Spaces – Part 1

Thanks for the wonderful idea to write on small spaces. So today let me share with you the secret to deal with challenge to decorate small spaces.  The wrong colour can make you feel claustrophobic, too much furniture can feel chaotic, and the wrong patterns just feel too busy.  Professional interior decorators are master illusionists when it comes to meeting these challenges. Using ten of their favourite tricks, you, too, can make a small space look larger than it is.

Don’t Use Dark Colours

A small room needs to appear larger than it is to feel comfortable. Using light colours will make walls appear to recede, creating a bright and airy feel.  Colours to consider are light blues, greens, light grays and neutrals.

vertical stripes 10 Creative Illusions Interior Decorators Use In Small Spaces

Experiment with bold ideas

Start by keeping the colour scheme to a few complimentary colours. Consider using, large-scale florals, and graphic prints, vertical or horizontal stripes. The horizontal stripes will visually widen a small narrow room.  Vertical stripes will make a low ceiling seem taller.  A small room will open up with the use of big prints. Avoid tiny prints; they will be too busy and chaotic in a small space.

scale proportion 10 Creative Illusions Interior Decorators Use In Small Spaces

Keep scale and proportion in mind

A large couch in a small area can overtake the space, while a small couch will seem dwarfed.  You want to use a mix of large pieces along with smaller pieces for balance for example consider using a large bookcase, or sideboard along a wall.

neutral flooring 10 Creative Illusions Interior Decorators Use In Small Spaces

Don’t use contrasting colours on the floors

Your eye follows the floor up to the wall and then to the ceiling. When they are the same colours, or tones you will see it as a continuous line.  By keeping the three surfaces in the same colour family the space will visually open up as they recede creating the illusion of more space.  A room with one floor colour, another wall colour, and yet another ceiling colour will appear disjointed and can make the space appear small.

cluttered room 10 Creative Illusions Interior Decorators Use In Small Spaces

Don’t fill the room with Clutter

Clutter is not much different from dark walls when it comes to a small room. To keep the open feel you want, pick a few cherished items and display them in creative ways.  Accessorize a bookcase, or hang a floating shelf for your family pictures, but do not clutter a tabletop.  Less is more when furnishing a small space.

floating furniture 10 Creative Illusions Interior Decorators Use In Small Spaces

Hope you like and read the upcoming Part 2 of this article soon too 🙂

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One thought on “Interior Design for Small Spaces – Part 1

  1. Awesome. I love purple.

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