Use Instagram To Showcase Your Designs

Other than creating a website, graphic designers have a number of online portfolio options available to them; however, even though most of these sites allow for social sharing, none of them have the same audience as an actual social media site, like Instagram.

An image sharing app and social networking tool, Instagram allows you to take or upload photos or videos, do a little quick photo editing with filters, and then share the results to your followers and the entire Instagram network. You can also easily share the edited image or video on other social sites like Facebook, Flickr and Tumblr.

Keep it interesting

Try to find an angle or particular niche that suits your work—you want your passion, ability and personality to show through in your Instagram “portfolio.” People become invested followers and fans when you post images, photos and videos of things that resonate with them.

However, avoid being overly promotional by adding the occasional personal post. People loathe posts and profiles created for the sole purpose of boosting sales or SEO—and these are generally pretty easy to spot. Make sure the posts are organic and reflect genuine passion in your work.

Publish Often

As in all social media outlets, frequent publishing will ensure that you stay at the top of a person’s feed (and therefore, top of their mind as well). Start with one photo a day and work up to two to three a day—which should be pretty easy once you get used to documenting various aspects of your professional and personal life.

Don’t forget to add important hashtags so that non-followers with similar interests will be able to find you through a search.

Interact with other Instagrammers in and outside your network. “Like” other people’s images and photos that you admire. It’s a good idea to periodically like posts on the feeds of the people you follow as it alerts them to the fact that you’re following them—and often liking someone else’s image leads to receiving a like in return.

Share your posts on other Social Media Platforms

Share your Instagram posts on other social media outlets, like Facebook and Twitter. This maximizes the reach of the image (post once, reach all friends and followers on various sites) and can lead to new followers on Instagram.

A quick way to establish your brand and style, while showcasing your design work, Instagram can be a great supplemental portfolio to gain more work. Additionally, Instagram is also a great place to get design inspiration and network with like-minded people—making it a great social platform to add to your arsenal of professional tools.

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