Give Energy to your Home with Feng Shui

The way you design your home says a lot about who you are or how you feel. A structured, organized home creates order and contributes to peace of mind which can makes you feel comfortable. Fortunately, you, as the designer of your home, can change this with a few simple adjustments. Infuse feelings of love, fame, prosperity, and creativity in all the rooms of your home by deliberately choosing paint colors, furniture placement, and live plants, such as bamboo. All of these design principles make up the tenets of Feng Shui and can go a long way towards improving the flow and energy of your home. SoothingWalls recently shared wonderful infographic to help you feel at home by following principles of Feng Shui.

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One thought on “Give Energy to your Home with Feng Shui

  1. One word after reading this is “awesum” ! Really, the Inforgraphics used by you and the informative content in all your posts are very useful and interesting. I am bookmarking this post ! Thanks !

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