Ryerson School of Interior Design year end show is built almost entirely from RAW recycled scrap

Every year the students at Toronto’s Ryerson School of Interior Design (RSID)put on a gala to celebrate the end of the year and highlight student work. Lloyd Alter teach Sustainable Design at the school, and don’t usually have a whole lot to say about the way the show is put together, since it’s a party, not an exercise in sustainability.

This year is different; the theme this year is RAW. Media director Naomi Tallin explained in an interview:

Raw is raw process, using raw materials, raw salvaged materials, the fundamentals that we learn to get us to a final refined project. We are trying to balance how the show has really refined finished pieces and show the visitors the in-between, the process. How do you represent that in a material way? We felt that the only way we could do that was using, reusing, and salvaging, and minimizing waste.

A key move was getting the Designboom Mart booth from the Interior Design Show in January. In Toronto, an elaborate display system was built out of 2×2 lumber.


The RAW team grabbed it all when the show was over and has been storing it at the school ever since, converting it into a display system. They also got the booth from the University of Alberta, and borrowed Heather Dubbeldam’s Best-of-show pop-up office as the DJ Booth.

© Dubbeldam Architecture + Design

Toss in a couple of fallen trees that were grabbed off the street and you have a show almost completely built of salvage; They are buying cheap plywood for displays instead of the usual disposable cardboard, but it is going straight to Habitat for Humanity. Naomi says: ” everything has a second or third life, and goes on to another after the show.” The Designboom 2x2s are taking a final trip to a restaurant that makes wood-fired pizza.

RAW/Promo image

See the work of the students in the Sustainable Design class here.


Thanks to Ryerson School of Interior Design (RSID) and Students for sharing information and lovely work 🙂 Wish you all good luck

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