New n Free iPhone app projects driving directions on car windshield

Guess what! Now you can turns your entire WINDSCREEN of your car into a sat-nav device by just installing a free iPhone app. This app will simple make your car go hi-tech and your friends will be like Wow!  So give your car interior a big push 🙂 For more stories like this do like our facebook page too 😉

The Hudway app

The app puts augmented reality details on the windscreeen, including driving instructions, speed and distance until sharp turns. It is designed for driving at night and in impaired weather conditions where visibility is imperfect in a bid to cut traffic accidents. The app is free for iPhone users and a version for Android handsets is expected in February. So what is the name of App?
So the name of App is Hudway and it is made by the Russian company. The program uses a smartphone as a projection device to beam the projections from its app onto a car’s windscreen so that drivers no longer have to look down while they drive. To use the app, a user simply needs to place their phone on the dashboard and secure it in some way, enabling the app to beam a visual of the road onto the windscreen along with their speed and distance until the next potentially dangerous turn.

Sharp turns are highlighted in red and road markers are displayed every 50 metres to help drivers measure the distance before the next big turn, which is designed to be particularly useful in severe fog or at night, when visibility can be restricted in dimly lit areas. While images show the app in use in snowy and drizzly conditions, some experts question whether the screen from the iPhone is strong enough to project light onto the windscreen in bright  daytime conditions.

The free iPhone app taps into Google Maps

Critically, the Russian start-up says that an internet connection is not required for the duration of a car journey as users can set up a route on the app and pre-load a map from Google before they embark on their journey.

According to the World Healthy Organisation, 350 people die every day across the globe as a result of low visibility conditions on the road.

The Hudway app also allows users to save routes and share them with friends and an Android version is scheduled for February 2014, Dvice reported.

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3 thoughts on “New n Free iPhone app projects driving directions on car windshield

  1. Interesting app. I only wonder if it would be considered illegal in Canada.

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