Course to Shine: SketchUp for Planners

So one of our reader gave wonderful idea about posting courses offered related to design by organizations, design schools, websites and universities. So today, I am going to write about course ‘SketchUp for Planners’ offered by Planetizen.

Get started using SketchUp, the popular, easy-to-learn 3D digital modeling program. This course provides an introduction to how planners and architects represent three-dimensional objects in two-dimensions, with step-by-step instructions for creating and using simple 3D models.

It starts by giving introduction of the course then getting started after that it is structures like this. You learn how planners and architects represent the 3D world in two dimensions, using a simple model of a house as an example. Then you learn about drawing in SketchUp by building simple model of a house. Follow along with step-by-step instructions on how to use the basic drawing functions, including the Line, Rectangle, and Push/Pull tools. Other important fuctions you learn are:

1. Drawing Auto-Functions

Learn about some of the auto-functions of SketchUp including how the midpoint and endpoint functions work, how to create parallel lines of equal length, and how to draw on a face while continuing building the simple model of a house.

2. Drawing Repeated Elements

Learn about the time-saving functions of SketchUp including creating and modifying groups and components; and, using the Move, Copy, Past, Scale and Rotate tools.

3. Drawing More Complicated Forms

Learn how to draw arcs, circles and more complicated forms while creating a model of a bike rack.

4. Final Touches

Learn how to put the finishing touches on your model, including adding labels and dimensions, and how to export and print 2D images from your model.

You can sign up by going to this link:



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