Top Apps for Designers

Based on success on my last blog post on Top Apps for Interior Designers. Today I am going to post about Top Apps for Designers. so here goes the list

1. Morpholio / Morpholio Trace (iOS)

The Morpholio Project is really interesting and offers an insight into where skilled app designers can go with a good idea. Trace is an architect’s best friend.  Morpholio Trace, an intuitive  drafting tool that brings one of the most frequent tools from our desk to a mobile touch device: the tracing paper. The app, developed by our friends from The Morpholio Project, lets you draw on top of images (imported from your  camera or other sources) as if you were using tracing paper. A collapsible menu provides you basic set of  tools (add more layers, choose from two colours, three widths, save) that enable you to to draft, sketch and review. No fancy fatures, just what you need. Functional minimalism that is not often found in many apps, related to the architectural background of Trace’s creators.

2.  Photosynth (/Windows)

If you’ve ever been on a site, or in an interesting location, and are bored of flat panoramas then this app holds the answer. It’s user friendly and, once you’ve stood in one position and circled for a while, it stitches a collection of photos together and gives you a great 360degree panorama.

3. Adobe Ideas (iOS)

This app gives a few tools to jot down ideas quickly and efficiently. It doesn’t provide as many export options as our #4, but does work well on both iPhone and iPad. Capture and explore your design ideas on the go using vectors, layers, and color themes in the perfect tablet companion to Adobe Illustrator®.  Sync files to Creative Cloud to keep working on the desktop.

4. Autodesk Formit (iOS/Android)

As a subsidiary of Autodesk Revit, this app allows you to create and alter BIM models on mobile devices.


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