Top 5 Architecture Books for Student Architects

So its weekend and exams are approaching as year is about to end. If you are looking for some help in your project or in studies then do go ahead and must read this book to keep an edge on others. 

A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction (Center for Environmental Structure Series) 

The second of three books published by the Center for Environmental Structure to provide a “working alternative to our present ideas about architecture, building, and planning,” A Pattern Language offers a practical language for building and planning based on natural considerations. The reader is given an overview of some 250 patterns that are the units of this language, each consisting of a design problem, discussion, illustration, and solution. By understanding recurrent design problems in our environment, readers can identify extant patterns in their own design projects and use these patterns to create a language of their own. Extraordinarily thorough, coherent, and accessible.

Towards a New Architecture by Le Corbusier

Probably the most important book in Modern Architecture. Certainly the most villified over the years, especially since the death of Le Corbusier. In it he laid the ground work for Modern Architecture, extolling the virtues of an architecture that was the product of the machine age rather than a pastiche of historical styles.

Le Corbusier illustrated the principles which he felt should govern architecture, drawing from historical references such as the Parthenon, but stressing the need to come up with a new proportional system reflective of concrete construction.

10 x 10 (Architecture) by Editors of Phaidon Press

This is a comprehensive view of contemporary architecture, presenting the work of 100 exceptional international architects. It provides an opportunity to see a diverse, inspirational collection of recent work, selected by 10 of the world’s best informed architectural critics. The architects are presented in A-Z order, with four pages allocated to each practice, including an accompanying text by one of the ten critics. It is intended to be a global selection. The work shown here features over 250 buildings and projects, including recent built work as well as projects currently under construction, due for completion in the 21st century. 

A History of the Future by Donna Goodman

The political, social, and economic upheaval of the early twentieth century generated an extraordinary range of proposals for the future as successive generations grappled with issues of organizing vast urban systems and humanizing dense industrial environments. As conceptual design became the vehicle for exploring ideas and presenting new movements, a dialogue between technology and design began to emerge. A History of the Future explores the impact of modern technology on design and planning, beginning with Renaissance concepts that laid the foundations for modern visionary work and concluding with emerging projects in sustainable design. It also includes relevant projects in related fields, such as film, photography, and industrial design. 

Becoming an Architect: A Guide to Careers in Design by Lee W. Waldrep

What do architects do? What are the educational requirements for architects? What does an architectural internship involve? How does one become a licensed architect? What is the future of the architectural profession? Get the answers to these key questions in Becoming an Architect. This completely up-to-date guide to today’s careers in architecture provides a clear and concise survey of the field and offers advice for navigating a successful career. Filled with interviews and insights from leading architects, the book covers everything from educational requirements and design specialties to registration requirements and the many directions in which a career in architecture can go. 

This list was compiled from the list shared by Linda at

If you have any favorite book then don’t hesitate to share as i will add it to my next list. 


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