Estonian Furniture

If you plan to change your furniture or take an inspiration then look no further from furniture design from Estonia. Estonian designers are famous for  individuality, creativity and practicality, as well as breathing new life into tradition and heritage. It is a unique characteristic of Estonian designers to combine the know-how of their ancestors, long-forgotten skills and valuable visual heritage, with innovative technology and 21st century solutions. This playful and skilful knack of uniting archaic patterns and contemporary forms in smart and high-tech products is visible in the works of older and younger Estonian designers. Innovative textile design has helped put Estonia on the global design map.


At the same time, due to Estonia’s history of different ruling nations and its geographical location between eastern, western and northern Europe, Estonian design has become an exciting melting pot of Nordic functionalism, ascetic simplicity, clarity and the more playful western perfected solutions. In addition, Estonian design is strong and vivacious because it orientates itself in various fields: besides such “old” design fields as product and textile design, Estonia is good at relatively new and growing fields, such as service design and strategic design.

Entramo AS

Vipex AS

Virelton OÜ


Duo-Line OÜ


Puukujurid OÜ


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