Top 5 Shops for designers in Tallinn, Estonia

So today, we talk about shopping for designers in wonderful town of Tallinn in Estonia. I selected top 5 shops for designers from where you can buy stuff for your inspiration based on local culture. If you have your favourite then don’t hesitate to contact me to get it featured next time.

1. Sfäär Store

In a sense, Sfäär has given the whole restaurant business a spin of its own. Combining food with shopping can seem like too broad a scope, but they’ve made it work. Like the wine bar downstairs, the Sfäär store prides itself on a carefully assembled selection of brands.

Right on the edge of the Old Town you’ll find a chic little wine bar called Sfäär, and on top of that (literally) you get a small fashion boutique. Can you say “class”? It’s an interesting twist, they’ve added various accessories, records and even vintage furniture to their exclusive stock.

The restaurant downstairs is worth to visit as well!

Mere pst. 6ETallinn

Sfäär Store

2. Krambude

Krambude is a shop that walks the line between tourist-trap and traveller-funky. What the store does is to take medieval designs and reinterpret them into the modern context, with some of these interpretations being quite liberal. Whether you’d actually buy yourself a bright red medieval tunic is probably a matter of taste (or bad judgment).

Krambude isn’t all about fashion disasters – not by a long shot. Some interesting items they have on sale include Rhineland clay pottery, Arabian spices, handcrafted metal candlesticks and handmade wine bottles, complete with deliberately sloppy craftsmanship.

Vana Turg 1Tallinn


3. Nu Nordik

Estonians have been looking for their own “Nokia” for a while now, and for the most part, such searches have not yielded results. That’s why we really like this little shop. Full of Estonian designs. Not yet international names, but there’s always hope. It’s a far cry from other souvenir shops in the Old Town, if you can call it one.

You could get yourself handmade pistol earrings, a nifty purse, a porcelain mug, a wall clock cut out of a vinyl record or a funky T-shirt. You won’t find any ordinary souvenirs here. So, if you’re into innovative and clever contemporary design, head on in!

Vabaduse Väljak 8Tallinn

Nu Nordik

4. Eesti Esindus

This is probably the only souvenir shop in Tallinn that locals actually visit. Everything is purely local at this owner-operated cooperative with craftsmen selling their own creations and wares. You won’t find any Russian matryoshka dolls or Lithuanian amber here (we’ll have you know that there is no amber in Estonia)!

They sell everything from wooden cutlery and woolen sweaters to onion jam, elk sausage and schnapps. With everything made and produced by locals – it’s as authentic as it gets.

Notice how all products are categorised by the material: metal, leather, wood, wool, clay etc.

Viru 3Tallinn

Eesti Esindus

5. Baltika Moetänav

Baltika got started in 1928 selling raincoats. Later it became the most popular producer of men’s clothing in the Soviet Union. Today it’s an international fashion enterprise that sells Estonian designs to millions of Europeans. It represents five Estonian brands that we’re all very proud of: Monton, Mosaic, Bastion, Baltman and Ivo Nikkolo.

Baltika Moetänav (Fashion Street) is the only place in the world where all five brands are sold together. The designers actually work here and have been working here for the past 85 years.

While you’ll find these brands at stores in most Baltic malls, the best discounts and unique product samples can only be found at Moetänav.

Veerenni 24-32Tallinn

Baltika Moetänav

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