See what you can do with your Christmas lights!

Since spring is around and you try to get rid of all that winter and Christmas decoration stuff, don’t think about giving away those Christmas light or throw them inside deep corners of store room. Let me share some amazing ideas for using those Christmas light in other seasons to keep your surroundings beautiful.

Making a Chandelier

All that you need to create one of these light fixtures are some twinkling holiday lights, a wire cooling rack and excess fabric. Twinkling lights can be purchased directly at and instructions for assembling your chandelier can be found here.

Decorative Bottles

Add a little sparkle in to any room of your home with decorative bottles.

Decorating Bedroom

With a hula hoop, fabric and fairy lights, the hoop can easily be anchored to the ceiling, turned in to a unique canopy and hung above the bed. Learn how to make your own hula hoop canopy by visiting this website.

Create Own Light Wall Art

Watch your art twinkle throughout the night, creating a peaceful and stylish environment within your home. Instructions for this project can be found here.

Other Indoor Ideas


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