Top 5 Product Designers from Estonia

Today, I am going to post about top 5 designers to watch out in Estonia. If you don’t know much about Estonia then don’t forget that this is the country which gave you Skype 😉 You can read more about that wonderful country in Wikipedia or sending me a message. This list is more about introducing top product designers to outside world so please don’t take the order too seriously 😉 It includes both new and established designers. If you want me to list more then definitely let me know. So here goes our list:

Leonardo Meigas

Leonardo Meigas is an established and esteemed designer in Estonia. His portfolio is very versatile – Meigas has done interior decoration and designed furniture, light fixtures and clocks; he has created information design and corporate identity. /Design Excellence Estonia 2011. Estonian Design Centre/

Ceramics created by his design bureau Leonardo Design have been sold in Finland, Belgium, Denmark and France. He created corporate graphics for companies located in Estonia, England, Ukraine, Russia. His light installations have been erected in urban spaces of Poland and England.

Leonardo Meigas has created a documentary “Designer nr 1” about the founder of Estonian professional design, curated and designed exhibitions in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Stockholm, Moscow.

Ilona Gurjanova

She has mostly practiced graphic design, developing, among other things, signature style and design management strategy for several Estonian and foreign companies. She has designed books and album covers. In the recent time she has also been involved in product development: created bed linen from innovative material and designed series of ceramic tiles. She has been involved in the work of numerous international design organisations, initiated the development of Estonian design policy, held presentations, curated exhibitions in Estonia, Finland, France, Germany and elsewhere, and been a member of the jury in international competitions. She has written articles on design and held lectures in university.

Helena Karelson

Helena is a 3D designer currently working and living in London, and occasionally in Tallinn.

Since early age, she has harboured a passion for making things with her hands and wondering how things are made.

Her work explores industrial processes and how they can be manipulated to create unique, poetical and functional products. Besides materials and processes, she is obsessed with light and shadows and, how the concept of shadows can be translated into tangible objects.

She has worked and continues to work on a very wide range of projects, ranging from utensils, furniture, window blinds to installations.

Ene Raud

She is known for creative use of ceramic to make products so unique that you fall in love with it. Her featured product is “Trick the birds” spoons. The idea of “Trick the birds” spoons were born in Saaremaa, at the edge of home farms fields. Artists sketches of fragile oat is the source for the form of the spoons.
In Estonian folk religion trick the bird means food or piece of bread, which had to be eaten before leaving the house during the early spring time. Because otherwise, the very first bird you hear will trick you. It’s a kind of magic to take the piece of bread, it will neutralize the bad power of the bird.


Marko Ala

His products are as cool as he looks.

Education: Tartu Art School
Occupation: Oot-Oot Studio
designer, CEO

Best Eco Friendly Weekend Bag @ “Design A Bag” competition in Hong Kong

Important projects:
Disainiala 2008, 2009
Disainiöö 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011


Al the pictures of designers and products are taken from Estonian Association of Designers website.

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